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Man, donkeys are UGLY. x.x

I couldn't get over that. They are NOT CUTE. Except for the bald one -- he was kind of cute, while he was bald.

I kind of get the impression that Pinkie Pie is everyone's friend because if you refuse to be her friend you get WEAPONIZED Pinkie Pie as your punishment. And puppy dog eyes. That said...

The big secret revelation of this episode (given in, like, the second scene) is that Pinkie Pie has an eidetic memory. Now we know how she found the reference guide to the elements of harmony so fast! She'd been in the library before and knows where EVERY BOOK is. And when she found the wings spell 'by luck' it was because millions of books fell on top of her and she remembered every word from every page of ALL OF THEM. O.O

Either that, or she's just using her bardic knowledge class ability.

Overall, I didn't like the episode that much, though. Mostly because of the Donkeys, but also because there were THREE SONGS and two of them were DELIBERATELY BAD (like Gotta Share Gotta Care only even more obnoxious). And the one that wasn't bad had a really catchy part with amusing background visuals, but then degenerated into a big gala number for the last 30 seconds, which was sort of boring.

There were also a HUGE number of nods to continuity that were just there as, um, nods to continuity. I suppose those weren't good or bad, except that I just KNOW everyone on EQD is going to be talking about them like they were the best thing ever. *wince*
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