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Casino of Destiny

Friday night we played some Pathfinder. Working for the mafia, yay!

Working at the casino was fairly boring, with only a few distractions. First, the city kept being randomly hit by brief, harmless magical effects -- strange nightmares, magnetized weapons, crazy seagulls, etc.

Second, there were some problems. The first was when a bunch of losers tried to cause trouble. Kijji tried to make fun of them for being losers, which started a fight. Ishtar -- in her succubus outfit, since she was waiting tables -- almost got killed, along with Shirish, but Kijji himself was invulnerable to their weapons, mostly due to luck. Most of them were killed and all of them were looted, but it was barely worth the trouble.

The second problem was when a crime lord came to gamble, and after he left, there was a snake that bit someone and had a threatening note tied around his neck. Saul (the casino owner) refused to be intimidated.

The third problem was when the floor manager went missing, while heading to try to pay off some of Saul's debt. The party raided their prime suspect -- the money lender -- and found evidence planted in his garbage. There was no other evidence, though, and Ishtar thought he sounded sincere when he professed innocence, after they broke down his door, killed his guard-baboon, and threatened him in his bedroom. So they healed his pet and fixed his door before they left. They spent the rest of the day trying to gather information, but there were no witnesses who were willing to talk -- and no clues. Nothing. Yay.

The fourth problem was when a shipment of rare liquor came in. Saul claimed that he'd already paid for it, but that the other crime lords -- he actually said 'other crime lords' -- would try to steal it out from under him.

So, since time was of the essence, Sin and Kijji flew ahead to keep an eye on the liquor as quickly as possible. That set off the cut scene of the crime lord having his cronies bribe the captain and load it onto a wagon. Kijji buffed up with shield and dex-mutation and swooped down to try to save at least one cask! It... didn't work. The cask weight a lot more than he could carry while flying. Sin saved the day, though, by flying down and shocking the horse with his wand of shocking grasp -- it went running off!

GM: "You're carried away with the wagon, careening uncontrollably through the streets!"
Kijji: "I'm okay with that!"

Kijji tried and tried and failed to get the horses under control, and finally fell off the wagon right at Kiet's feet, as it ran past down the street. Remembering his actual class powers, Kijji fired a tanglefoot bag attached to an arrow at the horse, which slowed it down enough for Kiet to catch up and calm it down. They took everything back to the Golden Goblin, where they were rewarded with jack-all.

GM: "Sorry, all the treasure was on those guys you were supposed to fight at the docks."

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