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Leap into this Pool of Boiling Lava

On this week's My Little Pony, we learn that thanks to Iron Will, Fluttershy is now assertive enough to refuse to be in this week's episode. Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle find this out the hard way, not having been previously acquainted with New Fluttershy.

Rarity's bright pink and purple camoflague looked eerily akin to the horrific clown suit I've had Era Shepard running around in Mass Effect 3. "Camoflague doesn't have to be drab!" I thought that was kind of funny.

But then... she started talking to Spike. There was a lot of talking to Spike. And a lot of Spike talking back. Ugh. So... much... Spike...

So... much... cheesy... dialogue... "I'm going on a voyage of discovery, to find out who I really am!" Do people actually talk that way? ... okay, I can kind of see Spike talking that way. He did grow up in a library.

Even though it was HIDEOUSLY UGLY I did like the dragon costume. And the way they interacted inside it. I also liked the way they stood up to the bullies. You know, by running away. And then teleporting away.

Teleporting is obviously Twilight's favorite spell -- she's started using it for things anypony else would just use levitation (or, you know, walking) for. She's going to end up banished to Tambleon at this rate!

Overall, though... not my favorite episode. Kind of, you know, a BAD episode.
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