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Inevitable Betrayal

Friday we played some Pathfinder. After missing a week in which the party fought off another raid and some were-rats, I came back in time to help... um... execute a raid. On our own casino.

While Kijji was apparently too sick from a potion mishap to notice what was going on, Saul had sent the party out to spy on a meeting of the other crime lords, which turned out to be an ambush by were-rats. There were no clues as to who or what had hired them*, so they weren't sure what to do.

Sin wanted to flee town immediately. Kijji wanted to go on a kill-crazy rampage. Eventually, they decided to compromise -- they'd go confront Saul, Charm him to make him tell them what was going on, and then leave town shortly afterwards, possibly with some rampaging and looting in the middle somewhere if necessary.

Jade didn't want to flee town at all because she was sure that their enemies would just hunt them down, but no one else was all that worried on that score -- hunting people down in the wilderness would be expensive.

At any rate, they headed back to the Golden Goblin and were immediately attacked by the newly hired replacement staff, which included archers hiding in the rafters in addition to the normal bouncers on the floor. Kiet and Ishtar faced off against the bouncers, while Sin and Kijji harassed the archers until Kiet got bored with them taking so long and finished them off with thrown chairs. Jade mostly missed a lot.

Afterwards, they headed to Saul's office, but he wasn't there -- the whole rest of the casino seemed to be deserted in fact. They tried the wine cellar next, but not only was there no Saul -- and none of the expensive liquor they'd managed to recover earlier -- but the whole place smelled like Troglodytes. Jade was knowledgable enough about Troglodytes not to want to face them, but what choice did they have?

So they headed deeper into the basement until the tunnel dead ended.

Kijji: "Kiet, I found a secret door at the end of the hall here but I couldn't figure out how to open it. Bash it down."
GM: "Are you sure you don't want to at least roll to see if you find the secret door before bashing it down?"
Kijji: "FINE. I got a 4."
Jade [who rolled much higher than 4]: "You mean this door? *click*"

They headed onwards and discovered -- a cliffhanger! Also, an arena. The bad kind of arena -- the kind where you aren't in the stands.

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* Actually, there was a clue but it was so incomprehensible that even though the GM forgot to give it to us until after the session, it didn't make any sense even in hindsight.
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