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This was supposed to be for EQD's 300-word 'submit it in the comments' event, but posting it there didn't work. So, fuck it.

Twilight Sparkle laughed as she looked in the mirror. “Or maybe she cursed my mane!” Her eyes widened in horror as her bedraggled locks formed themselves into a pair of snake-heads and hissed at her – and then something bit her on the rump.

Screaming, she ran out of the library. “Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes!”

At first, the ponies looked at her in confusion, but as she passed their manes and tails too became serpentine horrors, randomly lashing about and biting with tiny, scratchy teeth at anything they could reach, which often included their owners. The moaning, terrified cries, and above all the constant hissing followed Twilight like a wave of despair, pushing her out of Ponyville and towards the creature that had to be responsible – the evil enchantress of the Everfree.

She paused just under the canopy of the dark forest to catch her breath. Her horn shone brightly as she struggled against the snakes in her mane, forcing them to straighten out to either side like faintly wiggling extra horns. And suddenly, she realized she was not alone, as five other figures emerged from their hiding places to greet her.

“Mmmph Fmmph!” sputtered Pinkie Pie, her cotton-candy mane coiled down and shoved in her mouth as a gag.

“You got that right, sugarcube,” Applejack replied. She and Rarity were unharmed, but shaved bald. “That evil enchantress done cursed *all* our manes.”

The light pink ball of fluff that must have been Fluttershy didn’t say anything. Next to her, Rainbow Dash stood unaffected. Twilight looked at her curiously. “You’re immune?”

“What? No way!” Rainbow Dash said indignantly. “Can’t you see my mane’s all backwards? It’s got the bright colors on the bottom!”

Twilight sighed. “Let’s go find that Zebra and force her to turn us back to normal.” The others nodded assent, and together they stepped onto the trail, where they were all immediately turned into stone by a cockatrice.
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