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What is this place?

On today's My Little Pony, we learn that the writers from MLP are reading too much fanfiction. Or maybe, "let your employees call in sick when they have the flu." Or possibly, "When push comes to shove, Fluttershy will be there with the strength of five butterflies!"

The filmstrip was pretty neat, straight out of Fallout 3! I also liked the whole 'it's your civic duty to spend the whole week training for this randomly assigned task' angle. And the horn. They didn't *say* anything but between the filmstrip and the horn you *know* it's an ancient tradition.

Rainbow and Fluttershy interacting was also pretty neat. You cannot lie to Rainbow Dash! She is the element of... er... loyalty. Nevermind.

Oh, and the badger was funny.

Not to mention, "Does it look like I speak squirrel?"

So... yeah. I liked this one.
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