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Let's try not missing a week this time. Last Friday, we played some Pathfinder...

GM: "A week later, there's a gold rush to get to the island where the falling star hit, to claim the starmetsl."
Kijji: "Wait, a week passed? We were meaning to go out to check out the island right away to see if there were any traces of the runes that supposedly summoned the meteor."
GM: "Well, it took a week for the boats to be repaired."
Kijji: "Why would we use boats? We'll just fly!"
Kiet: "Yeah, I don't think either of you can carry me."
Sin: "We could use Floating Disks..."

Several hours of planning revealed that the floating disk plan was entirely workable and, in addition, completely stupid. Especially since a week had already passed while the party sat around being lazy and working out how to reorganize the Golden Goblin, and the boats were fixed now. And faster than floating disks. And pretty cheap -- 50 gp for passage for the whole party, admittedly not a very *long* passage since the island was only 18 miles offshore.

They were enjoying a complimentary dinner with the captain and officers when they heard a scuffle upstairs -- suicide bombers were trying to set the ship on fire! Sin knocked two of them out with a color spray, and Kijji charged up to one and disarmed him of his vial of alchemist's fire, then tried to disarm him again when he drew another vial, but failed. FOOSH! Several other saboteurs also set fires! None of them survived more than a round! Apparently, 'willing to perform an obviously suicidal task' and 'adequately trained' did not go together.

Shirish was able to put out the fires with Create Water spells before too much of the ship burned to get them to shore.

The ship pulled up to the long-abandoned ruins of the town on the island. The crater was on the far side, only covering about a quarter of the island, but there were no signs of habitation, aside from what looked like a Pyrotechnics spells sent up from a tower right in the middle of the island's north-south ridgeline. The captain dropped them off, and agreed to come back for them after a week -- but he wasn't sticking around on this haunted island.

As they left the pier, the ship already weighing anchor behind them, they were met by the remnants of one of the other treasure-hunting teams, ranting about deadly monsters infesting the bushes and begging to be taken home. They obliged, flying out to tell the ship to come back to pick up refugees, but they themselves were not yet daunted, and staked out a building in the ruined town to spend the night in, since the monsters mostly came out at night.


In the middle of the night they were attacked by a naga, but it failed some easy saves against Sin's low-level save-or-lose-your-turn spells, and then died to a pair of back to back critical hits from Keit. Without that ridiculous streak of luck, it probably would have wiped out the party.

GM: "The first thing it was going to do if it got a turn was to cast mirror image."
Kijji: "It didn't cast it before attacking?"
GM: "It cast all its other buffs..."

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