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Roly Poly Mages

Friday night we played some Pathfinder, finding out more about the monsters plagueing the island. By getting attacked by them repeatedly.

In the morning, the party headed to Witchlight Tower to answer the mages' distress call. The tower had a bunch of outbuildings, which they searched, finding some treasure and a few lame zombies with creepy tongues. Then they moved on to the tower, which was fully barricaded. The mages let them in though.

There weren't many mages left, but one of them they recognized as one of their recent employees who'd been missing after the disaster -- apparently she'd been treasure hunting, and not dead. They told the mages the ship wasn't coming back for a week, and were met with horrified stares -- the whole island was infested with infectious monsters that turned you into a zombie if you got bitten.

The party agreed that getting bitten would be a bad thing, but staying in the tower was not an option for them. "Well, in the meantime, we're going to go investigate the crater. Might as well get some starmetal if we have to risk getting killed by monsters, right?"

Then, monsters attacked. Kijji and Sin went up onto the tower's top and took potshots at them, discovering that they were immune to fire but not to arrows. Kijji wasn't sure he had enough arrows to take out the entire oncoming horde, but they looked fairly mindless, so when they started clambering up the towers' walls (prompting Sin to take cover inside and lock the door) he flew off into midair to keep shooting.

He managed to kill a couple of them before the horde overbalanced the tower, whose foundations had been weakened by the meteor impact apparently, and sent it plummeting off the cliff into the ocean, with the rest of the party inside.

The good news was that not only did the entire party (and a couple of the mages) survive the fall, but the monsters that weren't crushed by the rolling tower were dissolved by the saltwater. They'd discovered the monsters' secret weakness! And had no way to put it into practice since nothing like a barrel or even a bucket had survived the towers' crash, and everything on the island was rotten and destroyed.

With the tower destroyed, they needed to find a new place for the mages to hole up. Kijji flew up into the air to look for any other intact structures, and saw a lighthouse at the north end of the island that looked like it might work -- it was even on its own little sub-island with a bridge that maybe they could collapse to keep the monsters away.

On the way there, though, they were attacked by more of the monsters, and while they managed to fight them off, Ishtar, Jade, and Kiet were bitten in the process -- and Ishtar was obviously infected. Shirish couldn't cure disease, but thought she could probably keep Ishtar alive with lesser restoration spells.

Then they finally arrived only to find that the tower was full of centipedes, and in no shape to provide shelter to anyone, regardless. Worse, what they'd hoped would be a rickety, aging rope bridge was instead a sturdy stone span and even Kijji's bombs weren't going to scratch it.

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