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Oh my Celestia

Let's see... is there anything I can say that isn't a spoiler for this week's MLP?

Maybe... 'what is this place full of so much fanservice?'

On today's My Little Pony two-parter, we learned that the power of love is more accessible than the power of friendship, that you should make sure to imprison powerful magical antagonists in prisons that can't be teleported out of, that you should never depend on a monarch reknowned for her diplomacy and kindness to win your physical battles for you, that the most terrifying power you can give a cartoon antagonist is nonlethal weaponry, and that if a woman acts bossy and demanding on her wedding day, she might be an evil witch and you should burn her.

Oh, and that security theater is worthless because the TERRORISTS ARE INSIDE THE CASTLE!

We also found out where Twilight Sparkle learned her want-it need-it spell. BAD BABYSITTER. FOALS SHOULD NOT HAVE THAT POWER! Neither should adult Twilights. Maybe it was safe when she was in magic kindergarten?

The fanservice included multiple appearances by Princess Luna, Lyra talking, DJ-pon3's eyes, a self insert OC from one of the animators... can we count Pinkie Pie using Twilight as a gatling gun? I think we can.

The best moment of the show was when Twilight gets rejected by everypony for ruining Cadance's wedding (rehearsal) and making the bride cry. Her brother explains away all the Signs of Evil, and then Cadance comes in and Twilight apologizes for being so awful... and Cadance smiles... and then consumes Twilight in green flames while laughing maniacally. Oops.

Actually, the whole first episode was really good. The second episode had some good parts but I don't think they really used the changelings to their full potential, and the Celestia vs. Queen battle was kind of boring. The love EMP at the end made me laugh; "Team Changeling, blasting off agaaaaaain!"

Although really, it wasn't a love EMP so much as Shining Armor's specifically anti-evil bubble spell. On that note -- Luna is confirmed as evil. He had to open a hole in the spell for her to get through, while the rest of the cast were just scanned as it passed and let in. DUN DUN DUN!

Or maybe it's not anti-evil. Maybe it just keeps out people with dark fur.
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