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Cleaning House

Friday night we played some Pathfinder, carrying out the planned assault against the dark elf fortress.

The party was almost wiped out by a monster getting updated to Pathfinder from 3.5, but the GM was nice enough not to give it its new spell like abilities or remove the damage it wouldn't have taken in the previous encounter if it had been upgraded then. Still, a non-undead incorporeal creature with DR 10, resistance to all elements it isn't immune to, and a pretty high spell resistance to make magic missiles iffy is really really nasty. Pathfinder incorporeality halves damage instead of giving a miss chance, which effectively doubles all its damage resistance.

Charge! The non-flying party members swung into the room, landing on a platform with two of the dark elves on guard, while the flyers swarmed (two is a swarm, right?) the other two guards on a rear platform. They were taken down pretty easily, but before the party could properly loot them or regroup, a second wave appeared!

A druid brandishing a wand of produce flame and his lizard companion popped out of the tunnel to the rest of the complex, a cleric or something walking on water emerged from her hiding place behind a rock outcropping, and the wounded shadow demon from earlier emerged from the wall!

Ishtar and Kiet charged the druid, and Ishtar ended up occupying his enraged companion after Kiet took him down hard. Kijji fired the silence arrow he'd used to set up the swinging assault into the water-walker, and then set her on fire. She was able to stop, drop, and roll to put it out (her 'ground' being water made that easier than it otherwise would have been) but he just set her on fire again.

The real issue was the shadow demon. Even with his sword re-magicked, Kiet could barely damage it, which meant that Sin had to burn magic to fire actual magic missiles, most of which fizzled before hitting it. Shirish got lucky with her one memorized spirtual weapon, at least, but it still took a while to whittle down the demon with the death of a thousand papercuts, and meanwhile its attacks were not papercuts -- it dropped Jade (who was completely useless in the second half of the battle since she couldn't hit the water-walker and couldn't damage the demon) but unfortunately, didn't kill her.

I mean fortunately. We don't want her to die and be replaced with a more effective character, really.

Then Kiet finished off the water-walking whatever-she-was (archer? wizard?) and they used a grappling hook to retrieve her body from the pool without having to fight the orca, who'd been circling menacingly underneath the docks they were fighting on the whole time.

There weren't any more enemies in the caves, so this would be a good place to leave the surviving wizards and/or use as a base of operations to explore the rest of the island -- or just to wait for their ship since they'd found most of the star metal in the dark elves' store room, along with a metric ton of assorted survival and mining supplies.

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