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Desperate Measures

The last couple Fridays we played some pathfinder, although it's really only this last Friday that anything actually happened.

The rest of the party's time on the island was uneventful -- the dark elf sanctuary was a decent place to wait for the boat, and when they found the other expedition it was non-hostile. So they headed back to the Golden Goblin, sold off their spoils and re-equipped, then spent a few weeks running the casino. Somehow, not into the ground -- Kiet proved to have an uncanny knack for business.

But by the end they were getting pretty bored, so when Kijji overheard some customers talking about a problem they were having at their lumberyard, he turned himself into a beautiful girl, spiked their drinks with alchemical roofies, and tried to seduce them into telling 'her' aaaaall about it. When that didn't work, he grabbed them by the lapels and shook them until they spilled their guts. "YOU CANNOT COMPREHEND HOW BORED WE ARE! GIVE US A MISSION! ANY MISSION!"

Really, they should have just had Ishtar do it, but Sin had dared him.

At any rate, they were given directions to the site, along with an escort to make sure they didn't just kill the survivors and loot the place. On the way, they stumbled across an ancient tomb full of treasure, which they gave to Ishtar because it was perfect for her. "No, her shield and sword were always this shiny. There was no treasure down there."

When they finally arrived, they found that the place had been overrun by kobolds. After defeating the world's most pathetic sneak attack and a small horde of zombies, they started searching the buildings.

The buildings were full of dead people. And traps. Mostly traps, which Kijji 'disarmed' by springing them, since Jade still refused to accept her expendability. They eventually noticed a tower in the middle of town with a survivor strung up on it, and got attacked by a 'dread zombie' when they tried to cut him down. The dread zombie was not dread enough to stand up to Kiet's sword.

Still, though, they hadn't found out what had caused the attack in the first place, or even the main force of kobolds who must have set up all the traps and undead.

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*pokes at Diablo 3 login again* Damn it.
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