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Mine. Mine.

A couple weeks ago, we played some pathfinder on Saturday, and I'm not writing about it until now because I didn't get it done before having May over for a week, during which I mostly had better things to do and otherwise was reading fanfiction. Sorry.

Since not all of them had teleported to Rally to get explosives, the party met up in the woods a few miles from the mine, and tried to sneak up on it. They were spotted by a patrol of drake-riding gnollish sorcerors, who webbed and glitterdusted the skulking party and then attacked with fire and magic missiles (and teeth and claws) when the party responded with deadly force. None of the drakes got away (although one of the riders did) but they did manage to fire off a flare, so the flying cat Max on scout duty spotted a huge force of cavalry and air-cavalry approaching from the mine in response.

Fortunately for the gnolls, the party was in range of dimension-door by the time they engaged, and decided to teleport past the army instead of slaughtering everyone. There were infantry and archers guarding the entrance proper, but the party rushed past them (flying) and put up walls of fire and stone to slow down pursuit.

They blew past -- well, blew up -- a checkpoint, bypassed a couple traps, and then hurried down the half-flooded corridors, Talon tracking the most-travelled route to keep them on course.

They had to fight a couple elementals and somehow managed *not* to kill some noncombatant miners, then finally reached the portal chamber itself. Instead of reading their damn earthquake scroll to collapse it, they decided to kill everyone in the chamber (including the elementals coming from the portal), loot their bodies, and THEN collapse the chamber. Flying past the water hazards made them far enough ahead of any pursuit that they had plenty of time to do this.

Of course, now they were trapped inside the mine with the entire army making their way back through it, and had ten gunpowder charges to plant along the way to collapse the access tunnel and make the portal harder to re-open.

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