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Undead Life 4Ever

The last couple Fridays we played some pathfinder and I forgot to post about it. Let's fix that.

After clearing out the kobolds and zombies from the camp, the party found their way into a dwarven tomb full of more undead. Jade was struck by a horrific curse, so they decided to stay the night in the tomb so that Shirish could cast Remove Curse as soon as possible.

...but it wasn't soon enough. In the morning, while Shirish was praying for new spells, Jade's eyes popped out of their sockets, leaving her incurably blind, barring a 7th level Regeneration spell (or a very expensive Reincarnation). Kijji flew her back to town, but none of the clerics there were high enough level to help, so he recruited a 'replacement' off the street and rejoined the party to search the rest of the mine.

His new recruit lasted all of ten seconds against the zombies and ghouls infesting the cave. "That wasn't nearly as much fun as I thought it was going to be," he remarked as the unfortunate soul was torn to pieces and eaten.

The undead didn't have much to threaten the party proper, though, and they were able to clear out the tomb and rescue a lone survivor, a pixie thief named Picks. Kijji offered her a job in the Golden Goblin as a replacement for their still-missing imp, although she wasn't exactly on-theme without devilish makeup.

They took home a lot of money from that trip, and set aside a share for Jade, even though no one could find any sign of her. Picks, on the other hand, professed to being a skilled combatant and her trap-disarming skills filled a gap in the party's competencies, so they let her join as a replacement.

Before they could get horrifically bored again, an army of zombies attacked the city. The party easily drove them off, then followed the tracks of some zombies which had headed for the distant mountains instead of attacking the town, to see where they were going. On the way, they ran into a creepy-looking talking wolf who offered to aid them so long as they did not attack.

What he told them was that the undead were being raised by a source of great evil in a nearby dwarven hold. He didn't dare going any closer, lest he turn evil -- he was already infected, which is why he looked so creepy. The party, on the other hand, had nothing better to do than plunge into the depths of the mountains to seek the source of the undead.

It took a day's travel to reach the deserted monastery, which inexplicably was empty of all treasure and monsters. "This place hasn't been used in thousands of years, shouldn't something have respawned by now?"

Behind it was a tunnel that led to a deep, wide pit, that looked to be of older construction. The party rappelled down to a corridor branching off the pit, just above a pool of water, and Kijji mucked about in the water for a while, looking for -- AH MONSTERS!

The monsters were pretty tough, for skeletons, but 'pretty tough for skeletons' didn't translate into much longevity against Kiet and the rest. Shirish used positive energy to keep the skeletons dead, since she recognized them as a variety that was normally 'deathless', and would have risen to threaten them again on the way out.

Unfortunately, a thorough search of the now de-skeletonized pool did not reveal any treasure.

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