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Quantum Conundrum

So... much... jumping... *shudder*

I get it. I need to use the fluffy dimension to pick up the safe and throw it towards the high window, then heavyify it to break the window, then go get another crate and use a heavy-fluffy spring jump to get through the window.

WHY are the crates all on a narrow conveyor belt over a Pit of Death? While the spring is on a different narrow conveyor belt? That I have to run down towards the abrupt, deadly end to get enough momentum to get the fluffy crate to the window, stopping just short of falling to my doom? And of course the window is high enough that I have to *jump* off the second crate and not just let it carry me.

A better question might be, why did I buy this game? I'm not good at jumping puzzles. Worse, they frustrate me. Especially the kind where you don't die and respawn at a checkpoint (the game has lots of checkpoints at least), but manage to fall down to a previous part of the level and survive, just in the wrong place now.

Oh, did I mention the moving death lasers that can only be blocked in the heavy dimension where you can't move stuff? How about the stationary death lasers? The game really likes to make you switch dimensions after throwing things. I just got to the part with the slow dimension and I *know* there's going to be a puzzle that makes me throw something and then slow time to ride it. Ugh. x.x
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