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I think this covers... three sessions of the Friday game?

The underground complex was vast, and full of undead. The party explored it somewhat methodically, slaughtering the undead as they came across them, and searching for secret doors at every dead end.

At the first dead end, they found a statue holding a candle in each hand, with a small hole at the bottom. 'My light shows the way' read the inscription over the door in the far wall. Kijji lit the candles, just in case, before opening the door, and while there weren't any traps the corridor beyond was collapsed. Just in the name of trying everything, he also tried sticking a lit candle into the slot at the bottom of the statue... which revealed a secret passageway to a saferoom, in which they found some potions and a staff of healing.

On the way to the next dead end, they passed a room full of the sounds of agonized screaming. Kijji snuck in to see what kind of trap it was, only to find still living peasants being fed into a pit that reanimated them as zombies! He called for the party, and together they took out the undead force -- the strongest they'd faced yet -- and then tried to save as many civilians as they could. Kijji pulled ten from the pit, risking being pulled down into the crush of dead bodies, and then the pile of not-yet-undead were set on fire and burned to ash. They took the survivors to the entrance, where they told them to camp and wait for the party to finish destroying the source of evil, at which point they'd escort them back to town, where hopefully the diseases they'd picked up in the pit could be cured.

The next dead end had a barbarian wight in it. He never actually got to do anything before Kiet chopped him in half. Kijji tried to sacrifice him on his own altar, but apparently it required a living victim, not a bisected wight.

The last dead end turned out to be the true center of the dungeon -- protected by mummies, shadows, annoying exploding crystal balls that Picks was completely incapable of spotting in time to prevent them for attacking Ishtar (for some reason, they always went after Ishtar), and three really, *really* annoying plugs inscribed with the word 'death' over and over in a spiralling pattern, that required multiple consecutive DC 20 strength checks to open. Even with assistance and a crowbar for extra leverage, Kiet failed a few times and had to start over. [Kiet was strong enough that taking 10 would have worked, as it turned out; wish we'd thought of it]

The party wondered if it was really a good idea to keep opening these seals, but the evil was already leaking out, so they decided it had to be done.

There, in the final chamber, the evil was almost tangible. A mecha-lich hovered atop a hideous mechanical contraption, and set a horde of ghouls on the party.

That's right. Ghouls. They distracted half the party for two rounds. Kijji and Picks focused fire on the mecha-lich right from the start, while he kept trying to burn down Kiet with scorching rays, but somehow managed to miss with almost all of them. After the ghouls were gone, Sin cast Levitate on Keit and they cooperated to get him in range to swing at the lich, killing him instantly. Although, to be fair, he had 7 hp left and pretty much any attack would have killed him instantly at that point.

With his death, the sense of evil dissipated, but the party still made sure to re-seal the giant stone plugs behind them as they left.

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We made 7th level, which was the point of this whole exercise. I took leadership for Kijji, picking up a bard to go with his alchemist. You can never have too many half-casters!
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