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Elven Trail

Friday night we played some pathfinder, continuing on the 'adventure path' that we'd deviated from in order to level up fighting an army of undead.

...but not a lot really happened that session. After saving the town and getting no credit whatsoever from anyone, they spent some time shopping, and finding cohorts and companions (Ishtar picked up a very dangerous wolf, and Kijji found a melee-focused bard of Kiet's species) and then finally got a lead on the city of the elves -- a suspicious person contacted them and told them to go to an elven camp a few days away, in a forest.

On the way they were attacked by fearsome forest drakes, who could fly and spit clouds of acid. The party could not fly, but fortunately the drakes were easy to lure to the ground because they couldn't spit acid very often. Kiet took out two, the wolf one, and Kijji the last with a pair of critical hits with his bow -- bow criticals are really nasty. Sin mostly whined about spending all his spell points making everyone hasted and letting Kiet fly -- Kijji resolved to get the 'fly' formula as soon as possible since he usually didn't end up using all his extracts anyway.

Kijji's bard missed with every attack and the enemies saved against every spell ("I suggest you fly down and fight Ishtar in melee using only trip attacks!"), but at least he gave a combat bonus that everyone forgot to use. q:3

Then they reached the elven camp, where the elven seer or something would examine their recovered dark elf journal and hopefully shed some light on their quest.

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