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Demons of Annoyance

Friday night we played some pathfinder, starting a mission for the elves.

After looking at the journal the party brought them, the elven leaders decided to declare war on the dark elves and wipe them out. They'd really been at war for years, in a sort of stalemate because the dark elves had a hidden pocket dimension to retreat to whenever they were losing -- but with the journal the elves thought they finally knew how to close it off or assault it or something.

The party was drafted to help with the assault. After a couple days of preparation -- during which they were insulted by an angry general who didn't think the elves needed the party's help, and treated like zoo animals by the rest of the camp -- they marched on the dark elf occupied city. Their first mission was to secure a library so that the dark elves couldn't use it for sniping.

As they approached, some dark elves on the roof started trying to shoot them with arrows, but the party saw them first. The melee folks charged right up the wall while the archers and spellcasters attacked from a distance, and it didn't take long before the elves went down. There was no obvious roof entrance, though.

So, in through the front door. Kijji, Sin, and Picks peeked through the already half-open door, and managed to get the drop on a trio of spiders who didn't survive the surprise round.

Kijji: "It's clear!"

The room after that was a little more trouble -- it was full of Dretches, tiny, weak demons of annoyance, who cast cause fear a lot and filled the room with demon farts. Kijji ended up retching, while his pet bard ran in fear, while Sin and Picks couldn't see the demons to shoot at them, but Ishtar and Kiet were relentless and executed the demons with extreme prejudice, ignoring the poisonous clouds as they methodically hacked their foes to bits.

There was still lots more library to clear, though.

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