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Hard Target

Saturday we played some Pathfinder at Tom's house. Sam flew around in ghost form to avoid risking his life while 'scouting', and then the party talked for a long time about how to possibly defeat the things he scouted.

Sam went in alone to meet with the demons -- he snuck past the rooftop guardian of the casino (ignoring its sleep buzz because he was shadow projecting and undead are immune to mind affecting spells and sleep), slid under the door (ignoring its arcane lock because shadows fit under doors and it wasn't hermetically sealed), and triggered the silent alarm. He managed to convince the demons that responded to get their superiors and let them handle this, since he was 'invited'. Some of them tried to put a curse on him to 'enslave his soul' while they waited, but he ignored it because undead are immune to negative energy and mind affecting spells.

The head demoness was not amused by him deciding to visit in this fashion -- they'd had a wonderful evening of entertianment planned, and with only one of the party present and in a projection at that, how could he enjoy it? -- but gave her spiel. According to her, the demons had the leader of the blue metal cult in the entertainment district under their control, so the cult there was not a threat and would not be accomplishing any of its larger goals as long as the demons were in place. Instead, the party should focus its efforts on the other districts, and to help them do that the demons could give them intel on the other leaders.

Sam: "So, you're asking us to kill people for you and not even offering to pay us."
Demon: "You were planning to kill them all anyway, we're just giving you a little help. For free!"

Well, it was worth checking out. The first target the demons considered most dangerous was the industrial district, where a gnome named 'Fizzik' who specialized in golems had disappeared into the foundry and not come out. None of his workers ever came out either, which made it hard for the demons to be more specific. Sam snuck in through a window and saw that the doors were all guarded by clay golems, while a dozen iron golems poured molten metal into molds. When they'd cooled, the molds were emptied into a basement chamber where thirty flesh golems worked on assembling them into more iron golems, while a pair of iron golems performed the magical rituals to bring them to life (although golem making was a very slow process and none actually came to life while Sam was watching).

Theorizing that spellcasting golems would have to lose the normal golem magic immunity, Sam tried blasting one with an acid-ball, but it was unhurt. He unloaded more acid-balls into the factory equipment, destroying pretty much the whole factory except for the golems before the unusually savvy iron golems killed him with tossed pieces of flaming metal. Of course, being killed as a shadow projection simply sent him home at -1 hit points, which Hadriel, who was guarding his body, immediately fixed.

They went back to check the next day, though, and found the foundry back in operation -- the equipment was all non-magical, so everything had been repaired by mending cantrips and make whole spells. The examined the rest of the district, and found the factory workers all using a communist paradigm with no supervisors or owners -- instead they worked happily and robotically all day long. No one they talked to knew much about Fizzik, aside from that he'd bought the foundry recently and added the hopper on the side for raw materials so that none of the dock workers would have to ever go inside.

Sam tried to infiltrate the foundry in person, and was asked if he 'volunteered'. When he tried to probe for more information, the question was simply repeated until he said yes, at which point the glay golems grabbed him. He used a (still-spelled) Blink spell to get away.

Liliana tried to check Fizzik's previous place of employment, but the mages there were all blue metal cult and didn't trust her enough to let her into his private office. They told her everything they knew about him, but it wasn't very helpful.

Eventually, they turned to Sam's cat who had a 'god' that he could commune with occasionally. They asked all kinds of questions about Fizzik and figured out that his *body* was somewhere on the ground level of the foundry. Their last question, "Will destroying his body stop the golems?" was met with a flat 'No', however, crushing all their hopes.

So they started making crazy plans, most involving summoning lots of elementals. The succubi suggested charming the city guards and sending them in to fight the golems, but Liliana rejected that plan as being too homicidal.

Noticing that none of these plans involved him in any way, Hef got bored and decided to start killing random guards. He got three guards and about eight civilians -- the civilians all instantly leapt to the guards' defense, thanks to the blue metal -- before Liliana dominated him and forced him to retreat.

Sam got arrested, though, for being nearby and 'suspicious' (the party was using illusions to appear to be wearing blue metal amulets, but the cult's mental link didn't include them which made everybody suspicious even if they couldn't put their finger on why), and when he refused to accept a charm person spell for his interrogation, got a 'pat down' from the orcish cops. He managed to dimension door away about a turn before going unconscious from nonlethal damage (which would have let them charm him with no save).

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...I'm pretty sure that's everything that happened, although I may have got the order of stuff wrong.
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