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More Elven Shenanigans

The last couple fridays we did play Pathfinder. I've really been slacking off on these reports. v.v

The demons turned out to be the worst threat in the library -- there was another room with some dark elves in it but they died before getting to act.

Since the party was still pretty fresh, they immediately headed out on the next mission, to destroy an alchemy laboratory that was supplying the dark elves with alchemical bolts. It was deep in the city, and they passed many signs of conflict on the way to the objective. When they got there, they found the lab in ruins, surrounded by toxic chemicals, but as they planned an assault, they were ambushed by an invisible drider on the roof.

Kijji: "It can't be a drider. There aren't any drow in this world."
Sin: "Maybe it's a spelf?"

At any rate, the spider-elf cast spells at the party but wasn't able to stay away from the meleers climbing the walls to get at it, and nothing that gets in range of Kiet lives for very long. Afterwards, the party charged into the alchemy lab, where six troglodytes pelted them with random alchemical compounds while a dark elf in the back... um... well, she mostly kept re-casting mirror image. It didn't save her. She did last a lot longer than most of the previous enemies, though.

The party looted what they could salvage from the lab and then set it on fire to make sure it wouldn't be used again. Apparently, that was the bad option, since they later found out it filled the entire city with a 'stinking cloud' effect, making it impossible to fight there for any sane person.

On the way out of the city, they were approached by an elven patrol that asked them to save some scouts who were pinned down by a ballista. Pix snuck up and unlocked the door, then everybody rushed inside the tower and completely overwhelmed the dark elf forces there. It was just sad.

At that point, they found out about the stinking cloud plagueing the city, that the elves were losing [because despite being one 'battle point' short of the theoretical maximum, they were three points short of the 'elves are winning' threshhold -- the GM spent at least a half hour trying to figure out what was up with that, but couldn't make any sense of it], and that their last hope was a suicidal attack on the dark elves' stronghold and dimensional portal. The party decided to graciously give the frontal assault mission to their rival (who was also the leader of the scouts they'd saved from the ballista) while they went in one of the side passages.

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