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Saturday, we played some D+D. Er, pathfinder. The party gave up without even trying, and decided to go in a completely different direction instead. Next time I'll make sure to close the door behind them!

Further discussion revealed that attacking the golems was silly, and despite having several reasonable plans of attack [none of which bore any relation to the strategies I'd expected them to use when setting this up] they decided to give up and switch targets instead.

Talon: "Maybe it'll throw them off balance! The cult will send all its assets to defend the golems while we hit the undead in the temple district."
GM: "..."

At any rate, the 'temple' district was where the orcs kept the people too insane for the mere slums, where their priests could tend to them and occasionally use them for human sacrifice and hobo fights. It was literally full of crazies. The party waded through the crowd, and spotted some signs of suspicious movement... but didn't want to be the first to attack. So it wasn't until somebody threw a bunch of smokesticks to obscure the area, and ran in to try to pickpocket them, that they went completely batshit insane and started fireballing the crowd.

On the plus side, this did clear out all the innocents. On the minus side, about half of them were incinerated before they could run away. The actual assailants were tougher -- not tough enough to withstand the fireballs, once Lilia's air elemental cleared away the smoke so that they could be targetted, but they did get a few hits in with their envenomed claws. Hef lost a bit of strength, Talon was basically crippled, and Patsy was outright paralyzed by the time the venom ran its course. Since they didn't have the right spells memorized to cure the strength damage, they headed home to try again the next day.

The next day they went in disguised as hobos, and made it to the former temple of Lethander unobstructed. The temple was boarded up, but Talon, scouting, found a secret door in the back. Unfortunately, they critically failed a stealth check making their way through the bushes to the side, and woke up a horde of ghouls and gargoyles guarding the exterior. Not that ghouls or gargoyles were any sort of threat.

Talon managed to identify and disable the magical trap on the door, and opened it so that the party could go inside.

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