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Do not uninstall McAfee

It will destroy your computer.

I was uninstalling McAfee because after having no internet all day Sunday I called comcast tech support yet again and the 'we have technicians working to restore access' had changed to 'it's all McAffee's fault, they pushed a patch that blocked all internet access, uninstall them and change to our partner's virus scanner free of charge until they fix it'.

Only, uninstalling McAfee leaves the computer in a state where it can't boot. Even in safe mode.

I'm running Dell 'SafeWonderfulHappyBackupRestoreSystem' whatever on it, but after making a local copy of all the files I wanted to save, to the same hard drive, it decided to format that hard drive and then, during the 'restoring system, do not turn off computer or you are fucked' stage, hang.

Or maybe it's not hung. All I know is that three hours later (did I mention I started this all at 1am, and have been waking up periodically to hit 'yes, continue' all night?) it's still at 1%. The mouse moves, the activity spinner is spinning, but that hasn't meant jack-shit since the invention of cooperative multitasking.

Assuming that it's even *possible* to restore my computer without the system restore disks (since I didn't get any other form of software or drivers when I bought the computer -- maybe I'm lucky and everything I need comes pre-installed with a new copy of win 7?), just re-downloading everything that was on it will take at least three months given Comcast's 200 GB per month download limit.

So... yay?
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