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Um... I guess this is... progress?

I let the system restore process that seemed to be hung at 1% run for 24 hours just in case it was somehow legitimately that slow, then forcibly restarted the computer to see if it might pick up where it left off. After five different attempts to get it to boot and do anything, I eventually got it to do a system restore, but somewhere in there the 'restore personal files' step got skipped, so I've got an empty hard drive with just the pre-installed factory software.

The recovery partition that everything was supposedly copied to is, by design, not accessible except during recovery, so that viruses and stupid users can't fuck it up (according to a web search on 'how do I get my files back from the stupid recovery partition'). I suspect that I actually just had it copy everything to the same partition that it then formatted, though, and not to the recovery partition at all. I really wasn't expecting it to format anything.

So, yeah. Blank system. Well, okay, I reinstalled Steam and SWTOR's launcher this morning and told them to download some stuff while I'm at work. And told Amazon to get to re-downloading the mp3s I got from there. Most of the rest are still on my laptop so I'll need to copy them back. Most of my personal files are there too, or on a thumb drive I use for informal backups, or on Skydrive because I was editing them from both.

I think the only actual data I lost was the latest chapter of Space Captain Pinkie Pie which I'd barely started writing anyway. And all my IE favorites.

But ugh, it's going to take forever to get the computer back in shape.
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