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New Blood

Last Saturday (not yesterday) we played some Pathfinder. The party gathered some new allies and assaulted the undead stronghold again. This time they didn't split the party, and actually somehow did worse.

Since their recent foes had proven to be rather difficult, the party was on the lookout for some new recruits. They found Jarlo, a halfling rogue, through some 'contacts' which turned out to be demons. He'd been hiding in the sewers to avoid the blue metal cult, and they verified that he wasn't charmed or infected. They also found Malleus (or something like that), a dwarven cleric that Talon knew from his undead-hunting days, who'd been so out of it hunting undead that he hadn't noticed the cult.

Unfortunately, the new additions weren't as used to creeping around the city in disguise, and attracted some attention in the crazy-people district as they tried to reapproach the temple. Hef took care of the initial attention, but several of them noticed they were also being watched and followed more discreetly. Jarlo and Liliana hung back and ambushed one of the followers with a quick charm, and he promised to talk to his master about making a deal with the party instead of trying to kill them for entering their territory.

Then they headed back into the temple. The first level was still empty, but the next one down -- that had formerly held skeletons -- was instead full of wraiths. The wraiths were able to walk through walls, while the party wasn't, which led to them being trapped on the stairwell (by Hef standing in front fighting) while the wraiths lashed out at everyone from the walls. Selective fireballs managed to clear out the lesser wraiths, but there were a few really tough ones mixed in, so they resorted to death-warding everyone, which made them completely immune to wraith attacks. The wraiths were intelligent enough to notice that their attacks were having no effect, and retreated.

Moving on to the stairwell, they decided to check out level 2. The blurb there was 'pay respects to your ancestors', and the undead inside seemed to be Mohrg. There was also an unhallow spell with 'silence' in the area, and the party couldn't see very far inside the unhallow because of a darkness spell blocking their view of the depths.

So a few of them stood on the stairwell just outside the door to shoot ranged attacks while a few others (Hef in the lead) went inside to melee the mohrgs. Liliana used Halt Undead to great effect, paralyzing three of the four mohrgs visible, just before an ice devil suddenly appeared in the gap between Hef and the people on the stairs. The devil immediately breathed a Cone of Cold, the summoner followed up instantly with a Horrid Wilting, and most of the party instantly died.

...at least, until some of them refigured their hit points and saving throw modifiers, and it turned out that only Liliana actually died -- and that only because of her contingency that yanked her away from Hadriel (who could have insta-rezzed her with Breath of Life) and teleported her to Crossroads, where no one was expecting her arrival enough to be able to get to her and cast it in one round. So, an ordinary Raise Dead for her instead.

Back in the dungeon, Hadriel activated daylight, dispelling the darkness, and the caster, out of good spell-like abilities and revealed to the party, charged in to attack. He... didn't last long.

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