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Short Session

A couple Saturdays ago we played some Pathfinder. Neither of the new guys showed up, and neither did Ed, but Eric was there so we could play.

Talon hadn't gone into the temple with the rest of the party, but as it turned out he wasn't far behind. He noticed the people stealthily watching the door, but was able to sneak in past them - or maybe they just didn't bother to attack?

At any rate, he rejoined the party just after they'd finished off the Mohrgs. The rogue they'd recruited was suddenly and inexplicably missing, but the new dwarf cleric stayed with them at least, although he didn't do much except heal. They quickly -- since they didn't want their minute-per-level buffs to expire -- looted the Mohrg area of the dungeon and didn't find much (just a wand of darkness), then moved down to the last level before the golem which they expected to have the skeletal dinosaurs.

It did.

By staying in the entrance tunnel and luring the skeletons out where they could only fight the party one by one -- and with the death ward spells protecting most of them from the dragon's paralysis -- they were able to taken them down without anyone being killed. Searching the bones in the room located a staff of cloudkill, and of course the dragon had his gem eye and orb eye. They now had all... well, they had three orbs and Sam was pretty sure he could make a fake replacement for the fourth, but their buffs were also running out, most of the dread wraiths were still alive and lurking somewhere, and they decided to retreat. Again. Despite the inevitable retrenchment of the enemies.

The lurking enemies by the entrance attacked them as they emerged, supported by a powerful witch who put a mind fog over the door where everyone would have to walk through it to get line of sight on the enemies. She had some pretty nice cover, but it wasn't total cover, so both archers ignored it and kept peppering her with arrows, although some missed thanks to a Blink spell. Meanwhile, her alchemist minions threw fire-bombs at the party, doing a decent amount of damage since they were only protected against acid, at least until Sam put up a fire protection as well. Hef tried to charge the witch and climb up to her window to assault her in melee, but was intercepted and distracted by a bunch of alchemical mutants and fought them instead.

But the party made most of their saves, even with the mind fog, and the witch's suggestions and other mental magic was useless -- eventually she ran away, along with her few surviving minions, and the only one affected by anything was Patsy, by a mass suggestion to 'return to the temple and not leave until you'd killed everyone inside'. Sam tried dispelling the suggestion repeatedly, but eventually Hef had to knock her out so that they could head home to heal and rejoin with Liliana.

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