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Air Vents

The last couple Fridays, we played Pathfinder with the group Keith is running.

After shutting down the power plant, the party decided to explore the city using the invisible hamster tubes leading from it to various places, on the theory that they'd probably lead somewhere interesting. This turned out to be true.

The first led to a building infested by 'spider eaters', weird spider-headed creatures. The party was able to charm a couple of them and kill the rest, and rescue a trapped and paralyzed lizardman who told them about his village in the jungle. He didn't know anything useful, and they didn't want to risk getting in a fight by approaching the tribe to talk to the leaders, so they just let him go.

The second led to a building with horrifically confusing whistling. Because Picks refused, Kijji was the one who went in Silenced and Invisible to search for treasure or monsters. No monsters, but he found a fairly useless, mostly discharged wand of gust of wind. Worth a little money maybe.

The third led to what looked like a bustling center of industry. Of course it was all illusionary, but the boss running the place was not. He was simply undead. And insane. He was suspicious but friendly at first, but quickly became murderously paraniod and they eventually had to kill him, and most of the treasure vanished with the rest of his illusion. Foo.

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