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Operation Brutal God

Obviously XCOM's mission-naming scheme has a sense of humor. I finally shot down a battleship in my Classic difficulty game (I never even saw one in normal) and since I'd heard they were fairly scary, I sent in a team of my best people. Er, ponies. Twilight Sparkle and Caramel as snipers, Rainbow Blitz and Pinkie Pie as heavies, Applejack for assault and Doctor Hooves for support.

It was, uh, overkill. I'm kind of embarassed. Twilight and Rainbow both know mind control, and the ship was full of mutons who are nasty fighters but suck against mind control. So a lot of it was kind of 'stop hitting yourself!' I ended up getting to the final room with most of my explosives unused and everypony at full health (although I had used up all my medpacs) and then the sectoid commander tried to mind control Rainbow Blitz and *failed*. First time I've ever seen it fail!

At any rate, it looks like my classic team's ready for the endgame. After the battleship, the purple command ship wandered into the region with my other firestorm (the one that shot down the battleship was kind of trashed) and got shot down, so it's only a couple more steps from here...

Of course, I'm cocky and sent my 'B' team (well, okay, the half of my A team that isn't to colonel yet and some other random mid-ranked soldiers to level up) to go clean up the command ship. I'm sure they'll be fine, though. It's just a measely little ethereal.
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