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Meanwhile, in the Module...

Friday's game got re-railed and, um... *sigh* It's not a very good module. Or maybe we're just not into it in the right way.

The party was arrested for getting in a bar fight and rescued by the same guy who'd tried to recruit them, who tried to recruit them again with more success this time. This is not a summary, that's basically word-for-word how the session started.

First, though, they had to survive... the INTERVIEW! The Slave-mother asked annoying questions... 'what house are you loyal to', 'where are you from', 'how do you know each other', 'will you kill this guy for me if I ordered you to?'

Kijji: "Well, I'd kill *one* of you. Why don't you give the order, and we can find out which?"

She was not impressed, but she grudgingly let them join as minor servitors. The NPCs took noncombat positions as maids and such, the PCs signed up as guards. Unfortunately, both involved rolling random skill checks to see if you were flogged that day or gained 'servitor points'. After a few hours of this (GOD I WISH I WAS JOKING) somebody finally got enough points for the party to be given an actual mission -- kill these driders.

So they headed out and killed some driders. It wasn't very hard. That served as the qualification test for the next level of servitude, where they got to choose between being *high class* guards or *high class* maids. It also made the skill checks harder, so people kept failing them. Especially Kijji, who kept getting randomly assigned knowledge (nobility) and bluff checks.

On the plus side, the NPCs occasionally rolled well enough to get hints about dark elven movements and plans; chiefly that the house they were with had absolutely nothing to do with the war or the meteors and that house 'Aranaea' or something like that was the one they should have actually been investigating. Oops.

After a few more hours of this [it was the next week] the GM decided that whoever'd written the module was insane because none of us were even halfway to the next event. So he just triggered it instantly by fiat.

The party was gathered and taken to a room, where they were shown a female dark elf and told to get her out of the house and back to her home without being seen, on pain of execution. She refused to be disguised because it was against her dignity, so the party charmed her and oh okay sure you can disguise me teehee. She didn't know anything useful.

Unfortunately, even magically disguised, removing her from the complex triggered a cutscene of a riding-lizard chase.

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