Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,


...apparently, I should have just waited for the series to come out on DVD. But no, I decided to buy it on iTunes...

So far this season I have every episode labelled as episode 3, two copies of Magic Duel (the first of which didn't come out until Wednesday), and now Sleepless in Ponyville is badly synched. REALLY badly synched. Like, off by more than a second. Ugh. x.x

And let's not even think about the new version of iTunes. ARGH TOO LATE. My god, they took everything that was good about iTunes -- most of which I hated because I've always hated iTunes, but in retrospect it was comparatively good -- and replaced it with the most counterintuitive, sluggish interface you can imagine, where everything you might want to do is hidden on one of like a dozen secret menus brought up by clicking a little meaningless icon -- not always the same icon mind you -- that only appears under certain special circumstances. The rest of the interface is dedicated to slowly displaying large animated pictures that provide as little information as possible on each screen, meaning even finding a particular item means navigating through a hierarchical state machine that keeps randomly resetting to somewhere in the middle of the stack.

It's like they thought, 'people love puzzle games, let's turn our interface into a 'spot the differences' game!' GAH.
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