Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Wonder wonder wonderbolts, hoooo!

The highlight of the episode was definately Fluttershy's sheepish look after being caught by Cloud-Chaser.

Pinkie Pie's mailbox obsession gets honorable mention because at first it looked like a time lapse.

I also found it kind of amusing that Raindrops was in the cadet class, given that she's always portrayed as slow and clumsy in fanfic. OTOH maybe it'll get her that character tag on fimfiction that RainbowDoubleDash always goes on about...

Anyway, definately a fun episode. Dear Princess Celestia: Today I learned that flying unannounced into a flight training zone in a slow, unguided craft turns you into a course hazard, but your true friends will always be there to plummet to their doom alongside you.

Oh, and about last week's episode... I was going to watch it a third time on iTunes before writing about it but ITUNES ARGH. Sweetie Belle was completely adorable, though, and it was a nice, subtle callback to Look Before You Sleep to have Applejack and Rarity heckling the story of the headless horse (since they'd heard it before from Twilight). I didn't care for the sleep deprivation == funny bit really (although it wasn't *awful*) and I thought Luna's appearance was a bit overdone...

But nothing beats, "If the headless horse catches me, I'll never be heard from again. And I want to be heard from!" And the olden pony was terrifying!
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