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Secret World and The Machine

I've been playing The Secret World because, well, it stopped having a subscription and it was on sale. And I'm on vacation! Clearly a sign. It's a modern-day with supernatural MMO. Not my favorite genre and yeah, of course the first storyline is all about ZOMBIES! Aieee! Still, games with zombies aren't as annoying as stories with zombies, and the zombies aren't the *only* fight at least. Also, it's only a local zombie apocalypse which really does help.

Er, anyway, the character I've been playing most (Kijji "Demon-Weasel" White) works for 'The Dragon', which is the worst faction by far. I've been playing him the most because I was playing him when I bought a timed AP boost with the free coins you get for buying the game and despite being in the 'account boosts' section it only applies to the one character. SIGH.

Anyway, The Dragon is supposed to be all about 'chaos', but what that means in practical terms is that they're trying to learn to *control* chaos and you have to shut up and do what you're told because you can't possibly understand their models.

...which brings us to 'The Machine' which is a song by Lemon Demon that I always kind of liked; the chorus has a catchy 'That's the beauty of it / it doesn't do anything / doesn't do anything-doesn't do anything' line that gets your attention. Yesterday, while waiting to patch TSW, I listened to all the lyrics.

OH MY GOD it's totally the freaking Dragon. Or, well, the philosophy is the Dragon, the actual Machine is probably a zone you have to fight through. n.n

The Machine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JniShTWwJn4

In particular:
'Government agents in black helicopters come to look around - so sorry! He needs the extra parts, he takes the choppers down!'

But really it's the end thing that would be a bridge except that they don't have another verse after it.

'Lost in solipsism
he then slowly pulls a lever
which sets off a mechanism
that does nothing whatsoever
but the nothing that it does
negates the everything we know
because it's screaming just because
because it's neither friend nor foe'

Comparing to in-game where the Dragon talks about how while the Illuminati were trying to recruit a crazy guy who wanted to link Hell to Earth and the Templars were trying to stop him, the Dragon had an agent in the third row ringing a soundless bell every time he said the word 'life'. "It turns out that model was flawed."
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