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Apple Family Reunion

So, um, there was an episode of my little pony. Normally I'd watch it a couple times before passing judgment, but I'm not sure I really want to. It wasn't *bad*, it was just... boring.

Needed more Pinkie Pie.

Oh, and for everypony who was hoping to get more information about the Apple Family, too bad! Applejack ruined everything.

The moral of the story is that new con organizers are going to screw up, try too hard, and end up with a miserable experience that everyone will regret ever coming to.

Alternatively, the reason I hate conventions is that they're meant for socialization and I kind of find that boring, so I try to fill time with activities but they're always sort of half-assed because they're supposed to just be a framework for discussion. Applejack's idea of filling the time with stuff is what I'd actually want out of a convention but will NEVER HAVE. Unless I go to a gaming con or something.

Oh, and while I didn't notice it at the time, someone posted a screenshot of the apple family photo. Apparently Filthy Rich is a member of the family... but Diamond Tiara isn't. Maybe Babs scared her into staying home out of fear of being bullied?
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