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[Insert Name Here] at your Service!

So, yeah. Spike is the name they decided to insert. Okay, okay, he wasn't completely out of character but all the plot-relevant details were kind of out of character for him and would have worked equally well with just about anypony else. I mean, from what we know of Spike from the rest of the show,

(1) He's good at housework. This is basically *all he does*.
(2) He can also cook. Food that ponies enjoy.
(3) He likes to see himself as the hero.
(4) He can breathe fire.
(5) He complains a lot whenever he's forced to do work.

I'm just listing the things that were contradicted by the episode, I'm sure he has other personality traits that don't immediately spring to mind.

Also, Cherry Berry was given a second character trait (the first being 'terrible amateur comedian'), being shown flying the hot air balloon for the second time, which means it probably counts even though she didn't have any lines or anything.

Aaaanyway, ignoring continuity, the episode was fine. There was an appropriate amount of Pinkie Pie, finally showing the line 'I'll wear my moustache!' that's been showing up in the promos in context. So to speak. Rainbow Dash also had an adorable sequence where she got a prank turned around on her in a ridiculously predictable fashion. Twilight's obliviousness because book was kind of funny, mostly the way Applejack broke her out of it.

And even some of Spike's antics were bearable, mostly the ones where he wasn't channeling Sweetie Belle. Plus at the end (pretty much everything after he called out the puppet as a fake) he was back in character and acting like the Spike we know and tolerate.
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