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Spike Time is the... Whyyyyyyy?

Okay, okay, actually the episode wasn't bad. The CMC were adorable instead of annoying (probably because they only had a bit part) and Tank+Rainbow Dash was adorable.

"Spike time is the *best* time!"

No. No it isn't. But it wasn't *bad*. He was in character this time -- the greedy and cynical and paranoid part of his character -- and basically competent, believe it or not. If only he didn't have his *treacherous tongue*!

Angel totally stole the show.

"You only want to get hit in the head by a flying turtle *once*." Spike wasn't listening, so he gets hit three times before he buys a helmet.

Did I mention the CMC were adorable? "Sky diving cutie marks!" "We're in crystal heaven!" "Where is Tank's head?"

Ah well. I've got no real complaints, other than that it was an episode featuring Spike. 9.9
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