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I've basically gotten out of the habit of doing these...

But the Saturday game just 'finished' the campaign, so -- here's the rest of it.

After killing the mistress of the undead, they headed upstairs to kill the lord of thieves, and basically did so with no real problems because, if you remember, he was one of the weak-ass district heads that the succubi thought they could handle on their own, as opposed to miss undead and mister golem who were the real targets.

Specifically, they rushed past his security and hit him with a disintegrate spell, and he disintegrated. Then, for good measure, they broke into his armory and stole all his stuff.

Afterwards, they wasted some time screwing around with the golem factory and failing to make a serious attempt on it -- they had one raid where they tried to hide nearby and use clairvoyance to search, but they focused on the basement which had no real surprises and got caught by the city guard. Oh, and when they tried to go back to their safehouse to rest, they had their first encounter with the 'phase lockers', a new division of the city guard meant to teleport in and lock down the teleporting terrorists with phase-locking longswords until other forces could take them out. The party teleported away before the phase lockers could hit them though.

The next real assault was on the warehouse district -- not trusting the demons, they decided to take out some of the other district heads. The warehouse district guy wasn't home, but because of the.... poorly thought out nature of their approach (teleporting way up into the air and then flying down) they were spotted by everyone in that half of the city and the alarm was sounded. The warehouse turned out to be full of exotic monsters, so while searching for the leader they had to dodge a hydra, dragon, some gargoyles, winter wolves, leucrotta, city guards, and of course more phase-lockers.

It was basically a cake-walk for them. Hef got to try out his terrifying howl, sending the city guard running with their metaphorical tails between their legs, while Sam searched the offices. He disintegrated a couple of middle managers, but the leader was nowhere to be seen. He did steal his day planner, though, which had details on his future movements.

One of which was a meeting with Fizzik, the leader of the golems, at the Succubus Casino in four days time. Maybe they could take him out then, without having to face his entire factory full of golems?

While waiting, Crossroads (where they were staying to rest since they'd lost their safehouse) was attacked by a small army of gnolls, about 400. First there was a night raid by drake-riders meant to demoralize the town -- they swooped in using glitterdust and web to neutralize the defenders, then their drakes set the buildings on fire. Unfortunately, the party was not so easily neutralized, and the entire gnollish air force was shot down by Talon's arrows and Sam's fireballs, except for two who managed to try to run, only to be chased down and eaten by Lily's summoned Rocs.

In the chaos, the party discovered a new ally -- an oracle who'd joined the militia but proved himself to be much more skilled. They added him to their team instead of leaving him with the rabble.

In the morning, they headed out to 'scout' the enemy forces. They dodge the enemy's pickets, and Liliana charmed one of the outriders to tell them about their leadership. Unfortunately for the gnolls, they realized that one of their outriders was missing, and sent a patrol to follow his trail, so the party attacked. Sam teleported over the army and started fireballing them (starting with the wagon that held the leaders), only to see a pair of phase-lockers hiding in the other wagons, one flying up towards him. He dispelled the phase-locker's flight, but then realized that the hail of gnollish arrows were about to burn through his stoneskin and kill him, and retreated into a quickened rope trick.

After a few more rounds, Liliana got close enough and used project image to get in range of the army safely. She summoned a pair of giant air elementals who swept up the gnolls and piled them in a big heap, which Sam fireballed, killing the entire army except for a few stragglers. And the phase-lockers, who teleported away. Regardless, that threat was ended.

They tried to have the orcs send a message to the gnolls complaining about the blue metal army invasion, but something was wrong with scrying and teleporting and they didn't manage to get a message through before it was time to go crash Fizzik's party.

Since the succubi were their allies, kind of, they were able to turn the party into a trap. Fizzik was the one casting teleport traps everywhere, including on the casino, but the succubi let the party add their own teleport trap on top of it that would bounce anyone who tried to leave the party right back into the same room. Max hid under the stage watching until everyone arrived, and then the party struck!

As pre-arranged, the demons asked Fizzik -- projecting an image from one of the golems -- to help the various bodyguards hold off the 'terrorists' while they got the other leaders (who they could dominate) to safety. Sam and Hef took care of the bodyguards -- and a Paladin, leader of the farm district, who refused to run -- in short order, while Liliana controlled one of the golems to keep them from focusing on Sam (who was hovering in the room), and Auffie (the new oracle) dispelled everything that Fizzik tried to summon or cast. The phase-lockers (all four of them) showed up, only to be displled and stunned, then blinded, then drained of all vitality by Liliana's pre-summoned succubi.

At the end the only one left was Fizzik. His golems were smashed one by one until they finally found the one he was hiding in, at which point he emerged as a ghost and possessed the last golem. Realizing at last how his 'spellcasting golems' worked (he possessed them, and cast spells), the party trapped him in a resiliant sphere with Hef (who had a ghost-touch sword). He tried to teleport away after the golem was destroyed, but that only took him to the middle of the room because teleport trap. Oops! Auffie dispelled the sphere, Sam telekinetic-charged Hef into the ghost, and then Hef was already in place to unload with a round of full attacks, finishing Fizzik off at last.

The party quickly looted the dead, tied up the not-quite-dead-yet paladin, and fled back to Crossroads where the paladin, who thanks to his class was immune to blue metal and had been duped legitimately, was swayed over to their side through diplomacy.

Back in the city, the demons dominated the rest of the leaders and took over the cult. As promised, they dismantled its culty aspects, keeping only the notion of the blue metal as a neighborhood watch and of course the ability to take direct control of all citizens whenever they wanted. They promised to negotiate with the orcs as long as they were given official control of the city instead of just de-facto control, although of course they would continue to be loyal members of the empire.

The problem with the gnolls turned out to be a giant Mud portal opened in gnoll lands interfering with the giant Smoke portal in orc lands. This had been planned, but the planar stress was greater than expected because the Steam portal the goblins were supposed to make (the trio of portals stabilizing the plane and keeping it from falling into the negative energy plane) hadn't opened.

But that's a story for another campaign because I am SO SICK of running Pathfinder.

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