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So, yeah. The game opens with a raid on your lab where your ex-girlfriend gets kidnapped, all her coworkers are ruthlessly executed, and you get horribly mutilated and most of your body is replaced with cybernetics.

I'm now at the part of the game where you find out who sent the raid and are going into their HQ to sneak around and find a file that'll tell you where the scientists they kidnapped are being held. "The first few floors are public, so you probably want to keep your weapons hidden," says your boss. And hey, just in case, the janitor's closet you snuck in through had a couple stun weapons and a bunch of non-lethal ammo sitting around. It's almost like they're trying to suggest something.

But on the other hand... I have this brand new ROCKET LAUNCHER I picked up at the corner store...

6 stories of revenge-fueled violence later, much of it inflicted on 'innocent' scientists begging me not to kill them, I finally download the file. But it's still not satisfying since most of the environment is indestrucible. :( I can't light everything on fire and smash up the equipment like they did to my gang -- er, corporation in the intro.

I may be playing the wrong game.
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