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Someone who was doing reviews of MLP episodes put forth the notion that the reason that people keep saying the series is deteriorating is because they forget the bad episodes from previous seasons. Given that he noted 'Feeling Pinkie Keen' as a *bad* episode, I was a bit suspicious of that, but I decided to take his challenge and rate which episodes from previous seasons were really good (3), okay (2), and just plain bad (1). Then I averaged them for each season.

Season 1: 2.65
Season 2: 2.35
Season 3: 2.15

...yeah, not looking so hot. Worse, Season 3 was actually on par with season 1 for the first half and then an unending torrent of fail happened in the second half, compared to season 2 where the bad stuff came early and was then almost but not quite erased by a bunch of good stuff at the end.

Well, we'll see what happens in season 4. EVENTUALLY. x.x

In other news, I've been playing Gratuitous Space Battles again since a steam sale convinced me to get the expansions. It's an amazing game because of the iterative element it has, where you refine your fleet until you can beat the enemy and then further refine it until you can beat the enemy as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, the developer has no idea why the game is fun. They added a 'campaign' mode which *completely defeats the purpose* by making you go into battles blind and automatically saving your failure so that you have to win with your existing fleet or else spend forever saving up money to buy a new one. It's still more fun than Gratuitious Tank Battles which is a bog standard tower defense game with poor production values. Ugh.
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