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No Plan...

So, apparently, I don't feel like giving plot summaries of my D+D games anymore, since I haven't been doing it. Let's just say that the Friday group saved the world and the princess and everybody was happy, except for me, because I have to run the next game and somehow we decided on superheroes. Specifically, Mutants and Masterminds' new edition (3?) which none of us really know.

I wanted to start at power level 3 and do XCom, but by the time I said that everybody had already come up with normal power level 10 character concepts, so whatever. "You'll be secret government agents who think they're superheroes most of the time, then."

So, I figure I'll start out easy with a city of heroes style bank robbery. I was going to use power level 5 or so bank robbers, but I checked the back of the book where they have stats for 'criminals' and... um... 2? Really? All your normal human enemies are power level 2-5, with 5 being reserved for elite spies and things? Fine. 2. BUT THAT'S NOT THE PROBLEM.

The problem is that one of the characters suddenly has x-ray vision. "I need it to target my teleport."

"No you don't. That's what 'accurate' is for. It costs one point per rank."

"Yeah, but this works too, so why not?"

"It's the most annoying superpower ever. It means every time you zone in I have to load everything in the area right away, which is very bad for performance."

"This isn't a computer game."

"That makes it WORSE. I have to do it MANUALLY."

They then proceed to treat the bank robbery as a stealth infiltration mission, murdering all the hapless enemies silently and without raising the alarm. They also split up and go in different rooms. That means that the last scene was supposed to be 'you corner the boss in the vault, but instead of attacking, he says 'Blueberry Muffins' and you suddenly remember your true lives...'

But instead it ended up being his body being puppeted by remote control (since he was killed instantly before being aware of the party) and only getting to activate one character (I passed a note), the others then running away from him and... well, it worked out in the end. That's all I can say.

There's a fourth character who wasn't ready yet -- his player spent all last session and this session building him and he somehow still isn't ready? O.o All I know about his powers is that he can summon mini black holes and fly, and is invisible and intangible and a pure melee character. Oh, and he's also either a guy in a supersuit or a guy with a robot teddybear that fights crime (switching between them).
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