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I made some spaghetti today. It turns out, 1 box of noodles does not go with one jar of sauce; it's more like 2 jars of sauce per noodle box it looks like? At any rate, 1 box of noodles is a LOT OF FREAKING NOODLES. I think it'll be my food for tomorrow, too, even though I had three largish servings over the course of the day.

I'm still reading way too much pony fanfic, and still trying to write the next chapter in what apparently is a trilogy or something. I'm up to 17.5k words and I'm still not entirely sure I can actually make the story go someplace. This is much farther than I got with any of my other tries, though.

I ended up watching a bootleg copy of Equestria Girls; it wasn't bad. Sunset Shimmer's plan was incredibly stupid, but her original plan was at least for her army of high schoolers to be *willing* subjects instead of brainwashed slaves. I think it was sort of a 'I'm not going to turn back *now*!' thing.

...she was about to lead a mob of high schoolers turned into ponies and not knowing the first thing about how to even stand let alone fight into battle with the crystal empire's guards who had weapons and armor, though. There was no way this was going to go well, even if Twilight hadn't stopped her.

One of the subplots is Twilight sort-of falling in love (but not really) with one of the royal guards and/or his high-school humanoid duplicate. One of the subplots in the story I've been writing is Twilight trying to pretend that she fell in love with one of the royal guards. Pity it's not the *same* guard (or even the same species of guard q:3).

Oh, and my headlight burned out again. It was the other headlight this time, suspiciously enough. The other headlight was much easier to replace, though, since there wasn't as much engine in the way, and it took about five minutes. So I'm glad I didn't drive the car into a lake to avoid having to replace the headlight or anything.
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