Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

So... been playing Flight Rising. Because, dragons? I don't know why I like the site really... some of the dragons are cute, but some are less cute. I guess it's complicated enough that there's some emergent beauty.

Maybe that's why I blow all my money on hatchlings whenever I get 50k treasure together, even though the constant depreciation means I never make the money back when they breed.

It's also got a reasonably interesting battle mode (although it's just battles against other players or against random enemies of X level, so it gets repetitive) and of course you can play dress-up with your dragons, because what sort of dragon would be caught dead going around naked?

Team a: Mika, Severin, Magoria.

These are the first three dragons I had, so they're the highest level because of course I set them to fighting in the coliseum right away.

Team b: Draggle, Dusk, Rust

I tried to go for 'tank/healer/dps' and basically failed because no melee attackers. This team is ineffective and *tedious*. Rust was picked to have complementary colors (for breeding purposes) with Mika, Draggle, etc -- ugly 'green and pink' needs also not-especially-pretty 'red and blue' to get a wide range of colors for offspring.

Team c: Coral, Twizzy, Selune

These use pretty much the same strategy as team A, but starting over to do everything in a more sane manner -- they all have elements with no overlap on enemies that are weak to them, so once they all have elemental attacks there should be a lot of double damage being dished out. That's a ways off though.

The cutest dragon, Tilda:

Doesn't she look just like a little rat? She was the first non-basic breed I bought.

Mika clone (Mai):

Well, not really. But 'greenish body with pinkish wings' is sort of the clan theme, and she has it... only with genes! I also kind of like the effect, somehow. Usually stripes and speckles don't work, but...

This is the best I could do (Tenebrous):

Ridgeback dragons have this stupid stupid nose. With the armor set it at least looks like a horn? He's still pretty ick.

Pretty pretty princess (Cattail):

I gave up trying to find an attractive snapper. It's not just that they look like giant alligators with wings, it's that they're always horrible, horrible colors when up for auction. So I picked one with complementary colors to Tenebrous and... um... I don't have her on the front page of the lair. She hangs out with the hatchlings waiting to be exalted.
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