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Drama in Kijji's Lair

(dragon information version)

B-team tank, and a damn good one, even if Kijji thinks watching us fight is boring.

Too boring. I'm dissolving the team.

So -- what? You're just exalting all of us?

Not you. You're pretty.

Draggle and Rust can come back and visit, right?

I guess? Neon, Lira, Draggle, and Rust are the first long-time residents we've exalted --

Pyrite and -- um... I don't actually remember her name.

Except those two who were basically losers, yes. But Neon, Lira, Draggle, and Rust were actually liked. I think you need to petition the Windsinger for them to visit. Exalts are kept very busy, especially the ones with combat training.

I don't know what's up with this lair. Kijji came into my cave a few nights ago, and tossed me a shitload of leather wraps. Put this on. His voice was slurred, and he was talking through gritted teeth.

I was all like, what?

Congratulations, Mai, you're the new Draggle.

That's when I noticed the little green tail poking out of Kijji's mouth. It thrashed around, and Kijji struggled to hold his mouth shut, until finally something she did in there made him sneeze, and out flies Draggle, naked as the day she was hatched, and twice as angry.

You're the one who said she didn't want to be exalted, he said to her grinning that creepy toothy grin he has. Plan B is a private dinner. Just the two of us.

Screw you! Screw you and Mika and -- AARGH!

I followed them, as he chased her down the hall. Somewhat to my surprise, she flew to the altar. Nobody likes going in that room, aside from Crimson -- it smells. And the floor is sticky. Draggle landed on the only clean thing in the room, the altar itself, and just -- she picked up the dagger and just stabbed herself, right in the chest, then fell down, spasming and bleeding and blood was coming out of her mouth --

Damn it. No no no no no! Kijji totally freaked out. He put one of his creepy paws on her twitching body and yanked the knife out, then knelt down at the altar and mumbled something, really fast.

There was a flash, and a green, ghostly shape lifted itself out of Draggle's body, and just flew up towards the ceiling and vanished. Kijji looked so relieved. Then he turned, and saw me.

When it's your turn, don't be an idiot. Please?


What? I'm not a ferret. I'm a dignified dragon of a prestigious lineage, the daughter of the sun and the moon, metaphorically speaking. Named after the morning mist at dawn... why is this lair so empty?

Oh, the dragons are all sulking. You know. Drama. Arguments over who killed who...

Some dragon was killed?

No, but try to get them to believe it. Anyway, your room is over --

Oh! Is this your hoard?


Why is it so... full of junk? Where's all the treasure?

I spent it all on a pretty little ferret.

Hmm... no familiars... stick. Rock. Oh, shiny orbs! Stick. Clothes! Ooh, I want this vest! It's just like the ones we wore back in my old clan!

It's really not your color. How about this... no, that hat looks terrible on every dragon. How about these?

Whee! *crash* *clatter* Wooo! *smash* Okay, that was kind of fun, but I'm not sure this really counts as 'apparel'.

Keep it. It's a good look for you.

Well... okay. If you say so.


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