Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

In other (flight rising) news...

I have some pretty hatchlings. The sort that I wouldn't mind keeping myself, if I had infinite room. But I don't, so they're for sale and/or gawking at.

First is Cordial, who no one else likes apparently. She's been on sale for WEEKS! Well, more than a week. Thus, no longer a hatchling. She has a name because I gave up on her and a couple other dragons and started leveling them up to exalt them. Then the other two suddenly sold, despite costing more than her. Go figure.

Then there's the unnamed hatchlings. First, a pair of skydancers:

I like the red one a lot. I kind of hope no one buys him. c.c

There were also a pair of imperials. One of them sold, giving me some gems that I used to do something I'll get to in a second, the other is still up there because they're not boring white/maize that apparently everyone else loves.

Anyway, I did manage to sell one imp hatchling, which pushed me over the line to having enough gems to buy a gene scroll. Not to *use*, of course -- to preview! Specifically, to preview all my dragons with circuit, in all their hideous, hideous glory. Since there's no obvious way to get a link to the preview pictures, I put them all up in an excel worksheet on skydrive which should be viewable for anyone with the link, which I will now try to go retrieve:
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