Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Daring WHAT?!

In today's My Little Pony... what the ever-loving Celestia-forsaken Tartaros?

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

...it was a good episode, at least. But... REALLY?

Daring Do is real?

Funny bits:
  • Pinkie Pie's 'any excuse for silly hats' party, complete with DESCENDING PINKIE PIE to give Rainbow a hat.

  • Fluttershy's baby birds orbiting Rainbow's head

  • Keepaway! OMG, Twilight remembered she can teleport!

  • Twilight and Rainbow citing specific books to try to figure out what's going on in real life.

  • Everything Daring Do says. Ever. But especially the proposal.

Rainbow's fangasm was a bit too much for me... cringe cringe cringe! But it managed not to ruin the episode.

And with that, I am officially dubbing this season the Season of Fanfic, because so far the episodes (and synapsisises of upcoming episodes) are all ideas that you would expect to be explored in fanfic. And would not be disappointed, because they have been. But now they're doing them in the show.

There's nothing *wrong* with that, I guess.

I'm just waiting for Kimi Sparkle's 'fallout equestria' episode to come true.
Tags: pony
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