Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Poking at dragons. With a crackle scroll.

So, after long consideration (ha ha ha)... okay, I went and previewed all my dragons with a crackle scroll, sorting them like I did with circuit into 'meh', 'yuck', and 'hmm' categories. From the last category, I picked six dragons that I thought looked good with crackle:


...just now, I notice that half of them are basically beige tert. Huh.

The dragons are:
  • Concord, the purple speckle/freckle imp who gets a dark shadowy look underneath his assassin garb. I think it fits him.
  • Ursula, the nearly-black irishim imp whose crackle is also not-quite-monochrome and fits her.
  • Angst, the eye-searing pearlcatcher who gets some bubblegum.
  • Peridot, the shiny green fae who gets some brown to match her outfit.
  • Enyeto, a boring blueish guardian male who gets a subtle blue crackle that nevertheless makes him a million times more interesting.
  • A spiral male who gets some more beige to match his primary, making his orange bits look piecemeal which fits with his steampunk stuff IMO.

In the absence of input... Concord probably gets it. Any other opinions?

Hmm... Concord would probably end up mating with Elerium: http://trollslum.net/fr/?id=8,16,6,13,28,11,1

That is a pretty nice pairing.

Angst (my second pick) would mate with... Mossie? http://trollslum.net/fr/?id=50,17,54,64,34,67,1 (talk about a recipe for disaster!)
Chalkdust? http://trollslum.net/fr/?id=9,17,15,64,32,67,1 (Okay, that's a little more sane.)
Tags: flight rising
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