Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Can't get... song... out of head...


It's the villain song from Frozen. The character singing it may or may not be a villain, but it's definitely a villain song. It's about how awesome it feels to finally be free from unfair social pressures, and be able to be yourself... villain song.

Aside from that, I was remembering how the movie was supposedly 'based on a story by Hans Christian Anderson' and we were all like... really? But it does have some fairy-tale elements.

(1) Cure a frozen head by removing all memory of magic, cure a frozen heart with an act of true love. This is classic fairy-tale logic.

(2) "What makes you a love expert?" "I'm not! But I have some friends." "You have friends who are love experts." "Yes." AND HE DOES. Everything that people say in a fairy tale is true, even if it sounds insane. They hadn't invented sarcasm yet.

(3) While it does make sense in the story (somehow!), the whole 'randomly created living snowman helping out the heroes' bit.

(4) How about the general absurdity of the entire royal family of a kingdom being locked in their rooms until they come of age? Even after their parents die?
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