Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,


Yesterday's episode of My Little Pony was... um...

I kinda liked it. But...

I didn't like the song that much. Or the 'professionalism' subplot, especially the ending, although I guess it's in character for Harshwhinny to do a sudden reversal like that?

Still, the CMC are cute. And I *did* like Rainbow Dash's enthusiasm. Maybe her being forced to suddenly cut it off was why the professionalism stuff annoyed me.

Best line:
"How are we going to stop them? We already called them blank flanks."

Which reminds me... I liked Diamond Tiara a lot better in Ponyville Confidential when she was horrible and evil but wasn't just being a one-note antagonist. Yeah, okay, she had a *reason* to be awful this time -- she was trying to sabotage them so that she could win -- but it's still not really fun to watch unadulterated bullying.

In short, I think the episode needed more Pinkie Pie. But I think that about every episode.
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