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Rarity Takes 1d6 SAN

This week was a Rarity episode, and you know what THAT means! It means I kind of didn't like it much. For a Rarity episode it had surprisingly little in it to make me cringe but OMG the Cringey parts!

The song about Generosity was... well, (a) an Element of Harmony Name Drop, which is a little icky, and (b) obviously setting her up for betrayal. But it wasn't that bad and had lots of funny bits, like Spike.

Also all the touristy stuff in general was neat. I wish my time in the big city was that exciting! Instead we always end up walking around and not being able to make heads or tails of anything until we trudge back home, disappointed. But the ponies had fun! Except for Spike.

Pretty much everything with the fashion show, though... from the 'why are you only 10 seconds early?' to the 'mmm'kay' to the...


Rarity, what are you doing?

Rarity, staaaaaahp!

*sigh* v.v

The sweatshop scene was neat, though. "You said you'd order food?" "GET BACK TO WORK!" Rarity's more fun when she's completely lost her mind, I guess.

Aaaanyway, I guess I can give it a 2/3, although... mmm. It's a mix of 1/3 and 3/3 parts which makes me a bit leery about recommending it to anyone. Because *cringe cringe cringe*
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