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No, Discord, they aren't your friends.

Today's MLP examined Discord's friendship with the mane 6. Sort of as a side thing.

Fluttershy: Might actually be his friend; they do stuff together and care for each other.
Pinkie Pie: Wants to be Discord's friend but he can't stand her.
Rainbow Dash: NOTIT!
Applejack and Rarity: Don't trust him, but are usually willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Twilight Sparkle: Open hostility, but she'll grudgingly humor him with a scowl on her face because Celestia told her to, basically.

Guess which one he chooses to take care of him when he's sick?

The answer, of course, is Fluttershy. But when he's *pretending* to be sick because he wants to torment some ponies who'll be forced to pay attention to him and play along with his games? Twilight Sparkle all the way.

I think he has a thing for her. A horrible, misshapen, jealous thing, that he would never admit. If it wasn't a kid's show I'd be expecting something *really dark* to happen eventually. O.O

As it is, I expect something Discord-related to be the key to Twilight's rainbow glimmer thing eventually. That didn't happen in this episode, though. Instead, we get Discord transparently faking illness, in a fairly humorous fashion, and Twilight and Cadance (who's visiting) playing along relatively good-naturedly.

They end up doing a parody of 'It's a Dangerous Business Going Out Your Door', flying to the ends of Equestria to get a magic flower to heal Discord, which unleashes a giant snake to try to eat them. That sequence was actually pretty cool, even if they didn't use much *variety* of magic, just lots of lasers. For one thing, the writers remembered that Twilight Sparkle can fly. 9.9

The moral of the story is that Twilight has to stop being such a stick in the mud who flies off the handle when anything interrupts her planned schedule -- basically the same lesson Applejack learned in the Reunion episode. Because dealing with Discord's insanity is actually fun for Cadance, and Twilight probably could have enjoyed herself too if she'd had a better attitude.

So, yeah. I really liked it. Enough that I wanted to watch it again the same day even though that meant dealing with commercials. q:3

Next week: Is it possible for Weird Al Yankovik to guess star in an episode without ruining the show forever?
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