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Actually, the episode was good...

...but the first time I watched it I spent it cringing at things that I was afraid were going to happen, but then they didn't. So, um, yeah.

Talking about Weird Al's guest appearance on My Little Pony, playing, well, himself. Or at least a character from one of his songs.

There were a couple of things that actually made me cringe. First, there was one really awkward line of dialog where somepony remarks on the absurdity of Twilight having an official rulebook for a goof off and Spike saying 'yep, she has an absurd number of books about everything!' The whole joke would have really worked better just being left unstated.

Second, some of the songs didn't scan. I HATE THAT SO MUCH.

But yeah, those were my only real complaints. The main thing that I *liked* about the episode was that the mysterious stranger / world-famous party planner was actually a much better party planner than Pinkie Pie. Sort of like Applejack not winning the Rodeo. In the goof off he one-upped her again and again and she kept changing the subject to try to find some way she could win (until she accidentally injured Rainbow Dash and forfeited).

He even has a better version of Pinkie Sense! n.n Apparently it's a skill than any (earth?) pony can learn.

Pinkie: "Who told you you could steal all my schticks!"
Cheese: "You, okay? I learned it by watching you!"

So, yeah. Pinkie Pie got to be the antagonist who, after not really being excluded from the party planning but assuming she was, challenges the hero to a contest with really quite sensible stakes ("The winner gets to plan the party!" "And what about the loser?" "The loser... doesn't!") was humiliated and not run out of town and in fact intercepted before she could leave town and convinced to help.

I'm not going to even try to list all the visual gags and other neat stuff in the episode because it was completely insane.

Oh, and Pinkie Pie got her 'key' because she inspired Cheese Sandwich to be a party pony? Except that that happened way in the past? It doesn't exactly fit the pattern I thought I was seeing, but it is Pinkie Pie, so...

Anyway, right. I liked this one a lot.
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