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This week's episode of my little pony was about as good as a Rarity episode can get. I didn't even hate it.

...well, okay, I sort of hated it.

At least the ludicrously cringey parts were played for laughs? There was no suspense before the characters got their comeuppance because the other characters started cringing and facehoofing right away. That did defuse a bit of the cringeyness, and once Applejack and Rarity started mocking each other openly it was actually pretty funny.

But it was still an episode built around making me cringe. I can't really get past that.

Good parts:
"I love being covered in mud!!!"
"I once found an apple so rare, they thought it was extinct! I ate four."
Applejack's 'inside chores'.
Rarity at the train station.

So... I guess 2/3.
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