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Twilight of the Cutie Mark Crusaders

In this week's episode of my little pony, we learn that Sweetie Belle is dumb. No, wait, we already knew that.

We learn that Twilight Sparkle is good with foals?

Twilight Sparkle is taking time out of her schedule to help her friends' sisters learn new stuff. Scootaloo learns mechanical engineering. Apple Bloom, advanced biochemistry. Sweetie Belle... remedial levitation.

None of them are expecting to get their cutie marks, except for Sweetie Belle. Does she really want a cutie mark for manipulating a broom with basic levitation? I'd say it was the best career she could hope for, but (a) we know that ponies who actually have no skills become adult blank-flanks like Candy Mane (who, btw, finally got a cutie mark in last week's episode, although I couldn't make out what it was supposed to be) and (b) she should actually go into politics, because she's very good at getting people to go along with her dumb ideas.

Seriously. Like, five times in the episode, she says 'I got this!' and then does the completely obvious thing that is the first thing that anyone would think of before rejecting it as being really dumb. It reminds me of how I tried to play my INT 4, CHA 16 minotaur in an ancient D+D campaign. People went along with whatever he said, too.

At any rate, other ponies also get some characterization:
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon show off their special talents, which basically amount to management. They're really good at it. If only they used their powers for good, instead of -- wait, management? I don't think that can really be used for good. But they're effective. Despite crapping on the CMC for years now -- including during this very episode -- they get them to go along with their plans and do favors for them. Someday, Applebloom at least is going to end up working for them the same way Applejack works for Filthy Rich.

Pip, on the other hand, is a total dick and is completely unsubtle about it. He's going to end up as some sort of Mafioso. Maybe an assassin, dedicating each of his kills to Luna.

And Twist doesn't do anything or have any lines, but she's at least present and not dead. I was beginning to wonder.

All in all, it was a pretty neat episode, and showed Twilight Sparkle in a good, not-at-all-crazy light. Still, I think it's in the 2/3 range.
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